Honest Driver Returns Cellphone Of Alden Richard’s Cousin From Bulacan To Mandaluyong


Filipino actor Alden Richards expressed his praises to a driver after returning his cousin’s lost phone.

Distance is not a hindrance to showing kindness, as driver Alexis Ohno traveled from Bulacan to Mandaluyong just to return a phone to Alden that was misplaced by his cousin.

According to the actor, he was alerted by his cousin’s lost phone as they didn’t have other means of communication to rely on when they were away, which urged him to trace the location of the phone.

Luckily, the founder of the phone, Ohno, called one of the contacts, who happened to be Alden; however, the actor did not introduce himself personally but asked to meet up to claim April’s phone.

Alden met Ohno inside a mall in Mandaluyong. As the actor had screenings for his upcoming movie, Ohno was surprised to meet Alden.

Ohno tells Alden that he found the phone in his car as his cousin was the passenger, and he drove to the gym.

“Hindi ako nagpakilala kung sino ako, pero nag-effort siya nung sinabi ko kung pwede ko bang makuha yung phone. Without thinking twice, from Bulacan bumiyahe siya papuntang Podium, dahil meron akong screenings for five breakups and a romance,” the actor said.

It goes to show that being an honest citizen brings unexpected surprises and can inspire others to return something that is not yours as much as you can.

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