Monday, July 15, 2024

7 Things You Could Have Bought If Milk Tea Is Not Your Life

7 Things You Could Have Bought If Milk Tea Is Not Your Life

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Yes, milk tea is life!

During the pre-pandemic period, you’d see milk tea shops bombarded by students inside as they indulged in their favorite milk tea flavors after their class. Because of this, even small business owners can now sell milk tea because the ingredients are not that expensive. It comes with a variety of flavors that all Pinoys can’t get enough of!

Even Pinoy employees are addicted to it. Well, the best thing to do while finishing your deadline is drink your favorite milk tea, right? There’s something about milk tea that quenches our thirst and eliminates our weariness, which is another reason why only a few people could resist the tempting and delicious taste of milk tea!

And what’s even funnier is that we’d like to tolerate our milk tea addiction by sharing posts such as “We deserve milk teas after a dreadful day of work.”

Don’t feel like you’re not guilty of it!

That’s totally right until it occurred to you that you missed the chance to buy your favorite outfit online! We listed these seven things for you to figure out how to spend your money on your next pay day aside from buying milk tea!

1. Camera

You’ll agree that one of the best things to do after work is be creative. We still have different lives outside of work, and photography might interest you in purchasing a camera! Isn’t it beautiful to preserve our favorite memories by focusing the lens of the camera on that subject our eyes would like to take a look at forever? Spend less money on milk teas and you can buy your favorite camera!

2. Earphones

We all can’t live without music! That’s true because music is one of our best companions while doing our work. Why not buy those wireless earphones you added to your cart online? It’s also one of the best ways to spoil yourself! Buy new headphones now to enjoy your Spotify playlists more.

3. Sneakers

Level up your fashion goals by purchasing your next pair of sneakers online! There are various designs of sneakers to choose from. Many sellers have ‘buy one, take one’ promos online! Instead of drinking milk tea, which might affect your health if you drink it often, buy a pair of sneakers instead!

4. Album of your fave music artist

Have you been craving milk tea every day as you sob about why you can’t still purchase the new album by your favorite artist? Why not toss your milk tea cravings and save your money until you can afford to buy your favorite artist’s new album? It’s a good investment for your artistic hobbies because, aside from supporting the artist, you can also display the album in your room and listen to the songs anytime you like!

5. Skincare

Planning on a milk tea date with your friends or your crush? Why not plan for your glow up first and buy a skincare product that works for your skin? There’s nothing wrong with craving milk tea, but don’t forget to prioritize your health, especially your skin!

6. Smartwatch

To maintain your fitness, why not purchase a smartwatch so you can monitor your heart rate and other vital signs? Aside from that, it’s designed to support apps that notify the user of calls and even messages! Drinking milk tea is fun, but you should start investing in something more important for your needs!

7. Dress

Maybe you need a new outfit for your outdoor activities with your friends! There are tons of affordable, elegant dresses online that you can purchase! Start investing in those dresses you need so you can wear them for urgent events in the future.

Have you figured out what things you need to buy and could have bought if you didn’t buy milk tea every day? It’s not too late. If you feel guilty of it now, well, as your mother says, kaka-milk tea mo ‘yan!

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