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Army Dragon Boat Team Wins 2 Golds In Korea Open

Army Dragon Boat Team Wins 2 Golds In Korea Open

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The Philippine Army team captured two gold medals in the 11th Korea Open Busan International Dragon Boat Festival at Suyeong River, APEC Naru Park, Haeundae on Sept. 1-4.

The Dragon Warriors dominated the 200-meter and 300-meter events in the Premiere Open, Small Boat category.

The Philippines clocked 51.294 seconds to win the 200-meter event. The Classic Dragon Boat Team of the United Arab Emirates (52.105s) finished second followed by Ching Fung Dragon of Hong Kong (52.145s) and CNU Watersport Club of Taiwan (53.367s).

In the 300-meter race, the Army registered the best time of 1:15.796, besting CNU Watersport and Cheng-Chu Unity that finished second (1:19.384) followed by Chinese Banquet C.E. Dragon (1:21.677) and Qatar Dragon Boat Association (1:22.077).

A total of 16 teams from 12 countries, including the United States, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Guam, Malaysia, Qatar, China, Canada, Hongkong and the Philippines, competed this year.

The Army leadership lauded the Dragon Warriors for their dedication in giving their best effort to win two gold medals that reflects the Army’s commitment to values of excellence and unyielding teamwork. (PNA)