Bite into Bliss: Meet Jollibee’s All-New Crunchy Chicken Sandwich


Have you heard the latest buzz about Jollibee? They’ve just launched an exciting new product that’s bound to captivate everyone’s taste buds – introducing Jollibee’s All-New Crunchy Chicken Sandwich!
Crafted with consumers in mind, this innovative chicken sandwich features a crispy exterior, tender interior, and a generous serving of creamy dressing, all nestled between the beloved Yum Buns. It’s set to become a delectable staple on the Jollibee menu. With every bite, from the first to the last, you’re guaranteed a ‘deliciousness in every bite’ experience!
Indulge in Jollibees All-New Crunchy Chicken Sandwich for just 59 pesos for a solo serving. Don’t miss out on this mouthwatering addition to the menu!
Visit your nearest Jollibee store today and see why the Crunchy Chicken Sandwich is poised to become your new favorite budget-friendly sandwich. You can also have it delivered via the Jollibee App,, #87000, GrabFood, and Foodpanda.


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