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Board Passer Honors Jeepney Driver Dad’s Sacrifice In Educational Triumph

Board Passer Honors Jeepney Driver Dad’s Sacrifice In Educational Triumph

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Acknowledging her father’s sacrifices for their family, a Filipina board passer shared her sentiments as she expressed her gratitude to their father for sustaining their daily and educational needs.

Just in time during the fight for the jeepney phaseout in the country, board passer and now electrical engineer Daniela Narito Par penned a message to her father for being a role model for them and providing for their family as a jeepney driver.

In the said post, Daniela shared a little story about how the presence of a jeepney became a huge part of their lives, even during her journey to become an electrical engineer.

As shared by Daniela, her father was already a jeepney driver back when she was in elementary. She remembered her memories with her siblings, wherein they would have a mini competition on who would be with their father until the end of his jeepney trip within the day.

Daniela and her family also gave a name to their jeepney, “limo,” to showcase how their vehicle not only provided help with their daily expenses but also created a stronger bond with their family.

“Madami na din sakripisyo si papa kay limo. Minsan inaabot siya ng gabi maayos lang transmission ni limo hindi yan kakain hangga’t hindi nya na tatapos. Marami na naisakay at na ihatid si limo at si papa. Madami na din nalibre ng pamasahe,” Daniela said.

With this, Daniela highlighted how she was proud to be the daughter of a jeepney driver, knowing that her father did everything that he could to raise her and her siblings, not just in life but also in education.

“Napa-graduate at naging engineer na din ako sa tulong ni limo at ni papa. Proud ako na anak ako ng isang jeepney driver,” she said.

Many Filipinos were touched by Daniela’s journey, saying that it became an inspiration for them to pursue more of their goals to give back to their parents. Moreover, more audiences were given the urge to fight for the rights of jeepney riders, noting that not only Daniela has the same case wherein their parents are jeepney drivers.

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