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Education Knows No Age: 18 Parents Complete Kindergarten

Education Knows No Age: 18 Parents Complete Kindergarten

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Over 18 parents proved that age will never be a hindrance to pursuing education as a school in Davao Occidental announced its graduates from Kindergarten.

On July 12, the head of Tabunan Elementary School shared the graduation pictures of the 18 Kindergarten graduates from the Pupil-Parent Entering Kindergarten program for this school year on his Facebook post.

The parents who graduated were part of the Tagakaulo Tribe in the province, aged 25 to 56 years old.

“Entering Kindergarten, regardless of age, is a courageous step that requires embracing new experiences, acquiring new skills, and fostering a love for knowledge. We applaud your dedication to personal growth and your unwavering belief in the transformative power of education,” School head, King Rowel Salinas said.

Along with the said post, Salinas mentioned that the presence of the parents in the classroom became an inspiration not only to its employees but also to other students and youth.

With this, they have expressed their gratitude to these parents for giving them time to continue their studies despite what others may say due to their age.

The school head highlighted their dedication to managing their time as parents and students.

“[W]e commend your ability to balance these roles with grace and perseverance. Your determination to enhance your own education while simultaneously supporting your child’s development sets a remarkable example for your family and our entire school community,” Salinas said.

Given this opportunity to see these parents graduate from Kindergarten, the Tabunan Elementary School in Davao Occidental emphasized that education is never too late for everyone.

“[W]e cherish the diversity and uniqueness of every individual, and we are thrilled to have you join our vibrant community,” Salinas said on behalf of the school.

Getting inspired by these parents’ stories, a lot of netizens expressed their amusement and support for them for still pursuing education at such an age.