EJ Obiena Enters Budapest Pole Vault Finals, Making PH Soar With 13 Other Countries


Achieving a milestone towards his goal of claiming back-to-back medals for the World Athletics Championship, Filipino pole vaulter Ernest “EJ” Obiena made it to the final 13 countries to compete in Budapest.

On his Facebook account, Obiena shared the recently updated results for the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest, as he was one of the competitors for the finals along with 13 other international countries.

Based on the results posted, the Filipino athlete was placed in the fifth spot to start in the finals, showing his best score of 6.00 on both personal and seasonal records.

“It was extremely warm, but we made it to the finals,” Obiena captioned, referring to the performance that made him claim a spot in the finals.

The athletes that will compete alongside Obiena are individuals who come from countries such as China, Turkey, Sweden, and France.

The 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest will be conducted on August 26, declaring the athlete to claim the championship title this year.

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