Food Delivery Rider Recalls The Same Customer Whose Tip Was A Blessing For His Daughter


Good deeds become a blessing to others, as netizen Princes Olaes was surprised after being recalled by a delivery rider, Dionicio Pagalilauan, as the customer who gave him a huge amount of tip during his food delivery.

Just recently, Olaes shared on her Facebook page a screenshot of her conversation with a delivery rider. The netizen explained that on that day she delivered food for her godchild’s birthday.

Pagalilauan shared that he was thankful for that delivery as the following day was his daughter’s birthday, and so he treated the Php800 tip as a ‘blessing’ that he could add to the celebration.

Olaes also shared a funny statement that delivery drivers in the Philippines were starting to remember her as a customer from abroad because of the times she ordered, but she also felt heartwarming about being a blessing to others.

With her kindness to the delivery rider, her post garnered a total of nearly 100,000 likes and 1,100 shares from netizens, expressing their amusement at Olaes’ goodwill.

This gesture from Olaes has proved that what we think is simple for us can have a greater impact on others, which is why we should always choose to remain kind to other people, as they also have struggles that they face on their own.

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