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Husband’s Heartfelt Money Bouquet Surprises Wife Post-Childbirth

Husband’s Heartfelt Money Bouquet Surprises Wife Post-Childbirth

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Rhamy Mark Dongiapon, a doting husband, gained online praise for surprising his wife, Cassandra, with a money bouquet after she gave birth to their second baby. Dongiapon expressed gratitude and admiration for Cassandra’s sacrifices, sharing a photo of the thoughtful gesture on Facebook.

The post quickly circulated on social media, sparking various reactions. Dongiapon acknowledged his wife’s significant role, stating, “I owe to my wife everything, our life, our daughters, our family. My simple gift for your sacrifices. Salamat kaayo lang. Shopping na.”

In addition to the money bouquet, Dongiapon also presented real flowers to Cassandra, recognizing the challenges she faced during pregnancy and childbirth. The couple welcomed their second child, named ‘Zelena Dy,’ at the Davao Oriental Medical Center.

Dongiapon clarified that he had reserved a private room for Cassandra’s comfort during delivery, expressing confidence in the Mati Provincial Hospital. The heartwarming post has garnered 24k reactions, 94k shares, and 643 comments as of this writing.

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