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Let Our Response Be “Dasurvvv!” In These 10 Everyday Life Moments

Let Our Response Be “Dasurvvv!” In These 10 Everyday Life Moments

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Many things have been happening in our daily lives. We’ve got ourselves a series of ups and downs, so we can’t help but celebrate jolly moments in our daily lives, even in small ways. After all, we really ‘dasurv’ so much.

‘Dasurv’ is a fancy and slang term usually used by Filipinos on the Internet. It means what it sounds like – a sassier and funnier version of the word ‘Deserve.’

It’s a wholesome term that is usually used to express when you think you and someone else deserve something that they’re getting.

Here are some everyday life moments that we can’t help but say ‘dasurvvv’ because we deserve to celebrate these little things.

1. When your crush notices you

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing the notification that your crush just replied to your message, reacted to your Instagram story, or just the mere interaction with your crush.

It’s a small yet happy feeling because, of course, who wouldn’t feel ‘kilig’ when you just got noticed by your crush? After countless tries to catch their attention, it’s finally there!

2. When you feel petty and witness a clapback

If someone did an unsatisfying thing to you, your friend, or your family member, it’s a given feeling to be petty and get you in the mood to have your revenge.

So, to see that person get hit by karma, you can’t help but say that person deserved what they just got. Just like what they say, let karma do its thing.

3. When you got your paycheck

After a month of stressing out over your workload and pulling all-nighters, who wouldn’t feel giddy when the thought of a paycheck comes into your mind?

Nothing beats the joy of seeing your paycheck because, finally, you can treat yourself and your loved ones until the bill payments come into the picture. Still, first, we can focus on the momentary joy of receiving your salary.

4. When checking out the items on your shopping cart

There’s always a mixture of joy and a little bit of sadness when purchasing the items in our carts on online shopping platforms.

But, what can we do but say, “We deserve to buy this!” every time we are checking out items to justify our purchases.

It’s a joyful bonus when you finally receive your items once they have been delivered. Dasurv so much, indeed.

5. When you won in a raffle

Whether the prize is a small mug, cash prize, or a pangkabuhayan package, everyone is always happy when there is a raffle!

Nothing also beats the fantastic feeling that you have won in a raffle, especially when it seems like the chances are low. It looks like you are on the top of the world just by winning something in a raffle.

6. When you just pulled your ‘bias’ from the K-Pop album you just bought

Where are our K-Pop fans at? This is something that K-Pop fans and collectors can relate to!

Purchasing an album from our favorite K-Pop Idols is truly a giddy and thrilling experience. K-Pop albums usually contain photo cards and other freebies that collectors would like to get their hands on.

There’s always no guarantee on which member you will be getting. So, if you’re a K-Pop fan and just ‘pulled’ or got your ‘bias’ or favorite idol’s photo card, it feels like you have won the jackpot.

Let our response be: ‘Dasurvvv’ and ‘Sana all inuuwian ng bias’.

‘Uwi’ is a term used by K-Pop fans to describe that they have gotten their desired photo card of a K-Pop idol.

7. When you took a stunning selfie and OOTD picture and finally change your DP on Facebook

It takes a lot of effort and time to take selfies and select an outfit that would be up to your liking.

That’s why it’s a bummer if no one took your photo of your dashing look and outfit. But if you get one and finally get to upload it on your social media accounts, it indeed feels fulfilling!

And of course, if you have received wonderful comments, truly dasurv!

8. When your efforts are recognized

It’s a wholesome and fulfilling moment when your efforts are recognized and appreciated. It also feels ecstatic when we hear the small winning moments of our friends because we know that their hard work has paid off.

9. When you get a chance to have a ‘YOU Time’

After a long exhausting day or when we have accomplished something, we all deserve to treat ourselves to a self-care time. Either we binge-watch our favorite movies, read books, crochet, or just do any activity that will recharge our batteries.

After all, self-care is an essential part of our lives. We truly deserve to take care of ourselves.

10. When you finally found happiness and peace

With everything that has been happening in our lives, to experience finding your source of happiness and achieving peace is already a big win. We truly all deserve to be happy and be at peace with everyone and everything.

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