Leyte’s Over 100-Year-Old Grandfather Still Hustling And Going Strong


Over a hundred-year-old Tatay Romy Villanueva from Barangay Rizal, Babatngon Leyte, continues to groove through the art of weaving bayongs (traditionally woven bags) and duyans (hammocks), which he then sells door-to-door to sustain himself.

Behind Villanueva’s unwavering spirit and determination at his remarkable age is a simple secret to living his life longer: he avoids eating meat along with food containing artificial flavorings and preservatives. Instead, he maintains his simple diet by only eating fish and vegetables.

Despite his age, Villanueva’s story proves that age is not a hindrance to grooving and sustaining himself for a living; instead, his story serves as an epitome of hope and inspiration for us all.

All the best to you, Tatay, and we wish you many more years to live!

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