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Looking For A Sign? Here’s Why You Should Do A SocMed Detox

Looking For A Sign? Here’s Why You Should Do A SocMed Detox

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Leaving a relationship where you’ve invested time, money, sleep, and effort is difficult. That’s why many people find it hard to break it off with their phones and social media. For some, it becomes an inner battle between wanting to turn off their phone and the desire to remain online. If your urge to check your phone is getting worse, and your scrolling is becoming endless, maybe it’s about time you do a social media cleansing or detox.


What is a socmed detox?

A social media or socmed detox is a deliberate break from social media that could last from days to months. It’s logging out and staying offline or away from your phone.

Nowadays, not having at least one social media account makes you feel so left out and disconnected. The presence of social media apps and websites allowed for faster communication and news updates. It has also become a form of entertainment and a platform to express yourself to a broader audience. Staying online gives one the feeling of power—the power to know almost everything within a click.

However, when you become too invested, you might lose control and find yourself unable to withdraw from your activities online. It might feel like an addictive drug. You feel high on likes, reactions, comments, mentions, and the latest trends. Research on social media reveals that it could aggravate mental health problems.

So before it negatively affects your daily life and health, here’s why you need to stop delaying that much-needed social media detox.


Boosts mood and reduces anxiety

Social media is a platform where people display their “best” selves. Seeking validation through likes and comments on social media leads to constantly checking notifications. Too much worry about how people will react to your posts can make you anxious and cause stress. Step away from social media, find ways to relax, and slowly break the toxic cycle. Less stress makes a big difference in your mood.


Strengthens social connections

Taking a break from social media can make you seek real-life connections. With your virtual ties cut, it’s a good time to rekindle old relationships and bonds. While social media can connect you with people, nothing beats personal connections and communication built through quality time spent together.


Improves self-confidence

It’s about time you stopped thinking so much about yourself. Don’t compare your looks with those Instagram models or how much you earn with those famous influencers. If you believe you’re missing out on so many things because of what you see online, you need to rethink again. Pulling away from social media will help you get to know yourself better and explore your strengths as a person.


Get that good night’s sleep

Using social media frequently takes up a considerable chunk of your time, even at night. Many stay up late just scrolling through their news feed for updates or chatting with friends. Social media detox will allow you to take back that time and use it to get good sleep and much-needed rest.


Boosts creativity

Taking time off from social media will give you more time to explore your old hobbies or learn new ones. It can also improve productivity and make you discover skills and talents. Doing something will also distract you from picking up your phone and help you with that detox.

While social media detox sounds excellent and relaxing, it also requires dedication and commitment. It’s not easy to deal with social media dependency. Still, socmed detox could prove beneficial for your well-being. Learn to prioritize yourself, and everything else will follow.

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