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Try These Time-Saving Workouts For A Busy Person Like You

Try These Time-Saving Workouts For A Busy Person Like You

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It has been sitting on your new year’s resolution that this year you will be more active, but it doesn’t work that way. It seems that everyone is having a difficult time shimmying their workout into their daily itinerary. Long hours at work, combined with your personal life make you feel that there is no space for physical activity in your life, you’d rather spend it sleeping.
But do not fret, because exercising does not need to be 20 minutes. These workout exercises are achievable in under 10 minutes or even less. You can do this routine while listening to your favorite podcast or watching your favorite Netflix show. Feel the greatest at the end of the day to achieve everything on your list and still have the luxury of enjoying your free time.

1. Bed stretch

Stretching is incredibly important, not just pre-workout. Stretching on a regular basis will improve your posture, relieve stress, as well as rids, and prevent you from back pains due to long sitting hours. Here are some stretches you can do before getting out of bed:

  • Supine spinal twist
  • Knees to chest stretch
  • Cat stretch
  • Overhead elbow stretch
  • Piriformis stretch

2. Upper body exercises

This routine only consists of 3 exercises and can be done while sitting down.

  • Arm circles- for this what you need to do is put both of your arms to your side with both palms facing down, parallel your shoulders. Do small circle patterns, rotate them forward counterclockwise, and do this for 30 seconds. After that, switch your palm by facing them up, and do the same motion, rotate them clockwise for 30 seconds.
  • Bicep curls- Take a 3 Pound dumbbell or a 500ml water bottle filled with stones or coins inside. In a steady position and with your weights in your hand, keep your elbow engaged closer to your body. Drop your forearms and bring them up to your shoulders, do this 10 or 20 repetitions.
  • Overhead triceps extension- using the same weight, place your right elbow above your head and your hands touching your back, then place the weights on your right hand, elevate the weight upwards, keeping the same position steady, do this for 15 repetitions. Then switch to your left arm, and do the same.

3. Core and legs

There are only 2 exercises in this section, and will only take a minute and a half.

  • Squats- in a standing position with one shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees to the same level as your hips, do not go lower or higher, then back up. Do this for 15 repetitions.
  • Plank- In a pushup position, place both of your forearms on the ground. Keep your buttocks the same level as your whole body, and keep that core engaged. Do this for 30 seconds, then rest, after that do the same thing again for another 30 seconds.

4. Cardio

  • The goal is to keep the heart up and running, how do we do that without doing cardio exercises? These 3 heart-pumping exercises are sure simple but still do their jobJumping jacks- Start with a shoulder-width stance, jump closing both of your feet together, then jump to the first position, this is the motion of the feet. Silent claps your hands together as you jump to the first position. Then swing your arms back to your side as you jump to close your feet. It is like creating a snow angel, it is the same sort of motion, do this for 15 counts.
  • Vertical jumps- This is a modified version of burpees. In a normal standing position, start by touching the ground and then jumping high off the ground, after you land do the same routine until you reach 10 counts.
  • Jog in place- Find a space spot where the floor is not slippery. Jog on that place, you can keep up the pace for a better intensity, do this for a minute straight.

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