Young Athletes Bag Nine Medals In Daedo International Taekwondo Open Championships


From gold to bronze, natives from the Cordillera made the country proud after successfully bagging over nine medals during the Daedo International Taekwondo Open Championships in Singapore.

Last November, the STF Youth Development Committee and J. H. Kim Taekwondo opened the 9th Daedo Taekwondo Open Championships, gathering athletes from different parts of the world.

Besting off athletes from other countries, Alexandria Aganon, Wentworth Tamayo, and Jaeger Alisto have gained gold medal recognition for the Poomsae category, while Paresh Sapdoy, Aganon, and Tamayo also clinched gold for the Kyorugi division. Jaeger Alisto, also shared his talent in the same category.

Other than the gold medals, the Philippines also got silver medal recognition for the Poomsae division after an exceptional performance by Alexa Quitiquit and Paresh Sapdoy.

With the win made by these young Pinoy athletes, different local sports organizations and other netizens expressed their congratulations to participants for not only showcasing their talents but also raising the flag of the Philippines in other countries.

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