Monday, July 15, 2024

Fastrack Purchases! Robinsons’ Appliances’ Race to a Minute Challenge Year 5 is Here

Fastrack Purchases! Robinsons’ Appliances’ Race to a Minute Challenge Year 5 is Here

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Get ready to rev up your excitement and race towards extraordinary prizes with the much-anticipated “Race to a Minute Challenge”! This thrilling race offers participants the opportunity to snag high-value appliances and receive exclusive customer perks, making it an event no one wants to miss. The key to unlocking these incredible rewards is simple – acquire a single receipt worth PHP 5,000, and you could be on your way to the race of a lifetime!

To recap, Robinsons’ Appliances’ 2023 Race to a Minute Challenge was a huge success with  winners who took home as much as PHP 220,000 worth of appliances and gadgets. And it wasn’t just held in Metro Manila or Luzon, participants from the whole country including Visayas and Mindanao eagerly went head-to-head in their respective regions.

How to Qualify for the Raffle

The Race to a Minute Challenge offers an exciting opportunity for shoppers to turn their regular purchases into a chance for extraordinary winnings.

The mechanics are straightforward – for every PHP 5,000 spent in a single receipt, participants earn an entry into the raffle draw. This means that the more you shop, the higher your chances of securing a coveted spot in the thrilling race. Whether you’re shopping for household essentials, upgrading your electronics, or treating yourself to something special, every purchase brings you one step closer to the grand prize.

But be quick! The campaign duration is until January 15, 2024 only. The Raffle Draw is set to take place on January 22, 2024. From then on, different legs of the race will take place across the nation.

AEON Credit to Substitute Big Cash Payments

Don’t lose hope if you ran out of your 13th month pay or even salary bonus! You don’t need to buy using just cash or credit card. You can still shop for goodies at Robinsons Appliances through financing, like AEON credit.

AEON credit is under a prominent Japanese conglomerate renowned for its significant presence in both retail and financial sectors. Specializing in an extensive array of financial services such as credit cards, personal loans, and other consumer finance products, AEON credit has also expanded its footprint across various Asian nations. This includes active operations in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and of course the Philippines.

Some of the things that AEON Credit offers are:

  1. Zero Down Payment. This exclusive feature is applicable to Robinsons only, encapsulating all products including laptop, gadgets, and mobile devices. Thanks, AEON!

  2. No Cash Out. Don’t have cash at hand? AEON offers No Cash Out nationwide, across all stores, while guaranteeing that your gadgets/appliances will be paid for.

  3. Low Interest Rate. AEON provides borrowers like you with reliable and cost-effective solutions, ensuring that payments are still achievable with its constant 4.55% Interest Rate throughout the year.

  4. Fast Approval Ratio. With AEON’s streamlined credit card application process, you can now enjoy the convenience of approval in just a single day.

To apply for an AEON Credit financing simply visit Robinsons Appliances, choose the appliances or gadgets that you want to purchase then approach the AEON Credit sales promoter for consultation and computation. You’ll be needing 2 valid IDs to proceed with your application, wait for the approval and once approved you may bring home your items.

Now that you have AEON Credit as your financing source for a home appliances haul, gadget upgrade or an office flip-out, you can shop to your heart’s desire and qualify for the Race to a Minute raffle draw!

With big appliance purchases, you’ll need to keep them in tip top shape, so you can extend its lifetime and preserve the quality. How can you do that? By purchasing a warranty along with your purchases!

Protect New Appliances with LEX Extended Warranty

Get your appliances warranty extension through LEX Services, the top choice for extended warranty services in the Philippines, available at Robinsons Appliances. LEX Services covers a wide range of appliances and offers repair services through more than 500 service centers nationwide.

With 20 years of experience, LEX Services has an excellent track record of providing customers with a hassle-free way to get your appliances fixed with free parts, labor, and service. Plus, you can have unlimited repairs up to the cost of your appliance. LEX Extended Warranties are made even more budget-friendly with 0% credit card installments at Robinsons Appliances stores.

If you need help or want to make a claim, you can easily reach LEX Services through different channels like Mobile at 0919-170-0131, Facebook Messenger at, Email at, and Viber through LEX Services Inc. LEX Services also has friendly Warranty Specialists at your preferred Robinsons Appliances branch ready to guide you on the benefits of protecting your purchases with LEX Extended Warranty.

Again, don’t miss out on the chance to turn your shopping spree into an exhilarating race for high-value appliances and exclusive customer perks. The “Race to a Minute Challenge” is the perfect opportunity to make each of your appliances purchases count.

This offer stands until January 15, 2024 only so, gear up, start shopping, and get ready to race towards a world of incredible prizes! Learn more about the Race to a Minute Challenge at our Facebook channel: