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FUJIFILM to Hold Its Biggest Community Event Of The Year

FUJIFILM to Hold Its Biggest Community Event Of The Year

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FUJIFILM Philippines is all set to hold its most significant community event of the year: the Fujifilm Nationwide Photo and Video Walk 2023. This event is scheduled for August 19, 2023, across more than 25 locations in the Philippines simultaneously.

The Fujifilm Nationwide Photo and Video Walk 2023 promises to be an exciting gathering of passionate photo and video enthusiasts. Participants will embark on captivating journeys through their respective areas, capturing the essence of their surroundings with their cameras. At present, there are approximately five thousand registrants from all over the country.

This event provides a unique opportunity for participants to explore their areas while indulging in their shared passion for photography and videography. From bustling urban streets to serene natural landscapes, the event aims to encapsulate the diverse charm that the Philippines has to offer.

As part of the celebration, FUJIFILM is excited to offer participants the chance to win remarkable prizes, including coveted items like the GFX50SII 35-70mm Kit Medium Format Camera, the new X-S20 camera, and the new XF8mm lens.

The event’s contest is open to registered participants of any skill level, using cameras of any brand. This inclusive approach reflects FUJIFILM’s commitment to fostering a sense of community among photography and videography aficionados.

FUJIFILM recognizes the importance of empowering participants with tools that enhance their creative capabilities. That’s why they’ve partnered with industry leaders such as Aputure, ASUS, DJI, Hollyland, Joby, Lacie, Lowepro, Nanlite, SanDisk, Seagate, SmallRig, and Zhiyun to make this year’s prizes even bigger and more exciting. With these partners, the total prize pool is worth a staggering P700,000 in products. This grand prize pool showcases the company’s commitment to providing participants with extraordinary rewards that amplify their creative journey.

The Fujifilm Nationwide Photo and Video Walk 2023 is a testament to FUJIFILM’s dedication to promoting creativity, self-expression, and the joy of capturing moments through imagery. As a company that consistently pushes the boundaries of imaging technology, FUJIFILM takes pride in being part of an event that celebrates the artistry and innovation that photography and videography bring to our lives.


For more information about the Fujifilm Nationwide Photo and Video Walk 2023, check out the official social media pages of FUJIFILM Philippines:

  • @fujifilmphilippines on Instagram
  • Fujifilm Philippines on Facebook
  • Official event hashtag: #FujifilmPHNPVW2023