Monday, July 15, 2024

Sustainable Signals: The Green Light for Marketing Success

Sustainable Signals: The Green Light for Marketing Success

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Suppose there will be a world where every marketing campaign not only captivates audiences but also nurtures the planet. Let’s strive to make it this one.

ASC3ND is spearheading a movement that fuses eco-friendly practices with modern marketing strategies. Step into the visionary landscape with “SUSTAINABLE SIGNALS: The Green Light for Marketing Success,” a hybrid event set to transform your approach to marketing on June 27, 2024, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at PUP Bulwagang Bonifacio, and it will be broadcast LIVE via ASC3ND’s Facebook Page.

Brought together by students’ minds, this event is a call to action for marketers to lead the charge in building a brighter and greener tomorrow through innovative and sustainable practices. It aims to discover how sustainability can be a driving force for businesses to leverage brand growth, consumer loyalty, and gain a competitive advantage.

The event will feature dynamic sessions that address the current state of marketing and its march toward the future. Attendees will gain insights into how sustainability is not just a trendy phrase and how it plays a key role in modern marketing methods. This vision extends beyond the seminar walls. “SUSTAINABLE SIGNALS” seeks to create a lasting impact, shifting how we approach marketing and emphasizing that sustainability should be a commitment embedded in the core of every strategy.

ASC3ND aims to build a world where sustainability is the norm, not the exception. Businesses understand that true success lies in harmonizing profitability with responsibility. The seminar catalyzes that transformation, providing the tools, knowledge, and inspiration needed to make sustainable marketing a reality.

By attending “SUSTAINABLE SIGNALS,” you are not just participating in a seminar; you’re joining a movement. You’re committing to a future where marketing drives positive change, where every campaign is a GO signal toward a healthier and thriving planet.

STOP by and SET yourself apart, GO now by registering at For concerns or queries, feel free to contact Ms. Reine Manginsay at (0956) 407 7925 or reach us through

The future is green, and it starts with us. Together, let’s search for the signals and turn every marketing campaign into a green light of success.